Navigating Indian Passport Fees: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you planning to apply for a passport in India? Understanding the fee structure and payment process is crucial. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Indian passport fees, exploring the fee structure, payment methods, and essential considerations to streamline your passport application process.

Demystifying Passport Fees

When applying for a passport in India, you’ll encounter a diverse fee structure influenced by several factors:

  1. Type of Passport: Whether it’s a fresh passport, reissue, or for specific services like Tatkal, the fee varies.
  2. Age: Different fees apply based on the applicant’s age.
  3. Number of Pages: Passports come in 36-page and 60-page booklets, each with its associated fee.
  4. Required Scheme: Normal or Tatkal application impacts the fee structure.

Understanding the Fee Structure

Let’s break down the passport fee structure for various categories:

Fresh Indian Passport Fees

  • Below 15 years of age: Rs. 1,000 (Regular), Rs. 3,000 (Tatkal)
  • 18 years and above (36 Pages): Rs. 1,500 (Regular), Rs. 3,500 (Tatkal)
  • 18 years and above (60 Pages): Rs. 2,000 (Regular), Rs. 4,000 (Tatkal)
  • Between 15 and 18 years (10-year validity, 36/60 pages): Same as above

Reissue Passport

Change in Personal Particulars, Exhaustion of Pages, etc.

Payment Methods

Online Payment

  • Accepted through various channels including SBI Wallet, SBI Bank Challan, Internet Banking, and Credit/Debit cards.
  • Note: For Tatkal applications, only the normal fee is paid online; the balance is settled in cash if the application is accepted.

Passport Fee Calculator

Important Points to Note

  • No refunds for unbooked appointments after payment.
  • Payments cannot be transferred between application reference numbers.
  • Online payments valid for one year from the first appointment date.
  • Passport appointments can be rescheduled twice within a year.
  • Original documents must be presented during appointments.

FAQs and Clarifications

Here are some common questions clarified:

  • Fee for Passport Application: Varies based on type; no fee for Official/Diplomatic passports.
  • Payment Methods: Online methods mandated for Passport Seva Kendra appointments.
  • Refunds: Not issued for paid appointments.
  • Transfer of Fees: Once paid, fees cannot be transferred.
  • Validity: Payments valid for one year from payment date.
  • Appointment Rescheduling: Permitted twice within a year.
  • Additional Charges: Extra charges for online payments via debit/credit cards.
  • Challan Payments: Accepted at all State Bank of India branches.
  • Documentation: Original documents must be presented during appointments.


By familiarizing yourself with the Indian passport fee structure, payment methods, and essential considerations, you can streamline your application process and ensure a smooth experience. If you need further assistance with the application process, you can consider consulting a passport agent service provider in your city. Here’s an example of a service provider in Bangalore:

  • The homepage of Passport Seva ( This is the official website of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, and the primary source of information on passport-related matters in India. Linking to the homepage establishes the credibility of your content by referencing the official source.
  • Passport Fee Calculator ( This is a valuable tool within the Passport Seva website that allows users to calculate passport fees based on their specific application type, service, age, etc. Including a link to this tool demonstrates your attention to detail and ensures users have easy access to the latest fee information.
  • FAQs ( The official Passport Seva website offers a comprehensive FAQ section that addresses frequently asked questions regarding passport applications, fees, appointments, and other relevant topics. Linking to this section demonstrates your commitment to providing users with clear and up-to-date information.


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