Quick Guide to documents required for Indian passport in 2023

Documents required for Indian passport: A Comprehensive Guide

Explore the detailed list of documents required for a passport in India in 2023. From proof of address to photo ID and more, understand the intricacies of passport application following the latest guidelines.

List of documents required for Indian passport

1. Proof of Address

To obtain an Indian passport, proof of address is mandatory. Accepted documents include:

2. Proof of Date of Birth

Submission of a valid document confirming the date of birth is essential. Options include:

3. Photo ID Proof

Passport applicants need to submit a photo ID proof such as:

4. Passport-Size Photographs

Provide two recent passport-size photographs with a white background.

5. Previous Passport

If applicable, submit your old passport along with the application form.

6. Other Passport Documents

Check the official website of the Indian Passport Seva for additional documents specific to your situation.

Documents Required for Passport Appointment

The documents required for a passport appointment align with those mentioned earlier.

Documents Required for an Indian Passport for a Minor

For New Passport

Parents of minors need to follow these steps:

  1. Register on the Passport Seva website.
  2. Fill the online application form for minors.
  3. Collect necessary documents, including:
    • Birth certificate
    • Proof of parents’ citizenship
    • Proof of address
    • Recent passport-size photograph of the minor
    • Annexure ‘D’ and ‘C’ for parents and minors aged 15 to 18.

For Passport Re-Issue

Submit the following:

Documents Required for Tatkaal Passport

The Tatkaal passport service caters to urgent travel needs. Applicants must provide:

Documents Required for Availing Diplomatic/Official Passport

To obtain a Diplomatic/Official passport, submit:

  • Official identity card
  • Head of Office certificate
  • Official Request Letter
  • Political/PMO Clearance Certificate (if applicable)
  • Original Diplomatic/Official Passport for cancellation or Original Surrender/Safe
  • Official undertaking if retiring in less than 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a government portal for more information on passport documents? A: Yes, visit the official website of the Ministry of External Affairs.

Q: Is proof of age required for a Tatkaal passport application? A: Yes, a proof-of-age document is necessary in most cases.

Q: Do I need to submit my old passport for passport re-issue? A: Yes, submitting the old passport is generally required.

Q: Does my 2-month-old baby need a separate passport? A: Yes, each minor must have their own separate passport under new guidelines.

Q: How to change the surname in my passport after marriage or divorce? A: Apply for a “Re-issue” of the passport; refer to the Passport Seva Portal for required documents.

Q: My passport expired 5 years ago; how to get it reissued? A: Fill the “Re-issue of Passport” form on the Passport Seva Portal; new police verification will be initiated.

Q: What if the required documents for passport application are unavailable? A: Discuss alternatives with the passport office; certain alternative documents may be accepted.

Explore More:

For more detailed and updated information, refer to the official Ministry of External Affairs website. Travel safely with a comprehensive travel insurance plan.


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