Essential Documents for Indian Passport Application

Applying for a passport in India involves a systematic process that requires an applicant to provide certain documents. These documents are necessary to verify the applicant’s identity, address, and proof of Indian citizenship. The list of required documents can vary depending on the type of passport application – whether it’s for an adult or a minor. This guide provides a comprehensive list of the documents required for each type of application. Let’s delve into the details.Get Passport From Top Passport Agents In Bangalore (

Standard Address Proof Docuements for Passport.

S.No Documents
1 Water Bill
2 Phone Bill (Landline/Postpaid)
3 Electricity Bill
4 Tax Assessment Order
5 Election Commission ID
6 Gas Connection Proof
7 Employer Certificate (Reputed Firms)
8 Spouse’s Passport Copy (If address matches)
9 Parent’s Passport Copy (For Minors)
10 Aadhaar Card
11 Rent Agreement
12 Active Bank Account Passbook Photo

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Standard Proof of Date of Birth (DOB) .

Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Passport Applications and Their Document Requirements

Type of Passport Application General Required Documents
Passport for Adults Proof of citizenship, Identification document, Passport-size photos
Passport for Minors Birth certificate, Parental consent, Passport-size photos
Diplomatic Passport Proof of diplomatic status, Identification document, Passport-size photos
Official Passport Proof of official government service, Identification document, Passport-size photos
Tatkaal Passport (Urgent Needs) All standard documents, Additional fee receipt
Renewal/Reissue of Passport Old passport, New passport-size photos
Residents of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) Proof of residency, Standard documents
Residents of Nagaland Proof of residency, Standard documents
Citizenship of India (Other than by Birth) Naturalization certificate, Standard documents
Employees of Government/PSU/Statutory Body Employment proof, Standard documents
Retired Government Officials Retirement proof, Standard documents
Applicants having Diplomatic/Official Passport and applying for ordinary Passport while in service Current passport, Standard documents
Owner, Partners and Directors of Companies which are members of CII, FICCI and ASSOCHAM Business proof, Standard documents
Dependent Family Members of Government/PSU/Statutory body employees View Details Family relation proof, Employee’s proof, Standard documents
Dependent Family Members of Diplomatic/Official Passport holders who are not government servants Family relation proof, Current passport holder’s proof, Standard documents
Change of Name $ Legal name change document, Standard documents
Students staying away from their parent’s current residence Proof of student status, Proof of separate residence, Standard documents
Repatriation/Deportation Case Definition of Repatriation, Deportation Legal repatriation/deportation papers, Standard documents
Separated Legal separation papers, Standard documents
Exhaustion of Pages Current passport with all pages filled, Standard documents
Validity Due to Expire, Validity Expired Current passport with validity due to expire/expired, Standard documents
Renewal of Short Validity Passport (SVP) Current SVP passport, Standard documents
Lost/Stolen Passport Police report for lost/stolen passport, Affidavit or declaration regarding the lost/stolen passport
Damaged Passport Damaged passport if available, Affidavit or declaration regarding the damaged passport
Change in Existing Personal Particulars Legal papers for change in particulars

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