Comprehensive Guide to Passport Address Change in 2024

Introduction to Passport Address Change

In the realm of passport management, ensuring that your address is up-to-date is paramount. Whether due to relocation or any other reason, updating your passport with your current address is a necessary administrative task. This comprehensive guide aims to walk you through the process of changing your address on your passport in 2024.

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How to Change Address in Passport

Changing your address on your passport involves a systematic procedure. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the Passport Seva Website: Begin by navigating to the Passport Seva website, the online platform for passport-related services.
  2. New User Registration: If you’re a new user, opt for the ‘New User Registration’ option and fill in all requisite details, including your nearest passport office.
  3. Login: After completing the registration, log in to the Passport Seva portal using your credentials.
  4. Application Form: Choose the option to apply for a fresh passport or reissue and fill in the application form online.
  5. Payment and Appointment: Proceed to make the necessary payment and schedule an appointment.
  6. PSK Location Selection: Choose the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) location convenient for you.
  7. Receipt Generation: Finally, generate and retain a printout of the application receipt for your records.

Fees for Change of Address in Passport

Understanding the fee structure for changing your address on your passport is essential. The costs associated with this process remain the same as those for passport renewal. Here’s a breakdown of the fees based on different criteria:

Age of ApplicantValidity NeededNormal ChargeTatkaal Charge
Below 15 years of ageAllRs.1,000Rs.3,000
15 – 18 years of age10 years for 36-paged passportRs.1,500Rs.3,500
15 – 18 years of age10 years for 60-paged passportRs.2,000Rs.4,000
18 years of age and above10 years for 60-paged passportRs.2,000Rs.4,000

Documents Required for Changing Address in Passport

Accompanying your application for a change of address in your passport, several documents are mandatory. These include:

  • Original old Passport
  • Copy of the online application
  • Payment receipt or challan receipt
  • Self-attested copies of specific passport pages
  • Current address proof (e.g., Aadhaar card, electricity bill, etc.)
  • Spouse’s passport copy (if applicable)
  • Certificate from Employer (if applicable)

Why Change Address in Passport?

The need to change your address on your passport arises primarily due to relocation or changes in residence. By updating your passport with your current address, you ensure that your identification documents remain accurate and relevant to your current circumstances.

FAQs on Passport Address Change

1. Do I have to be present when submitting my change of address application form?

No, the application form for changing your address on your passport is submitted online.

2. I will be staying at my current address for less than one year, do I still have to update my address in my passport?

Yes, according to guidelines from the Ministry of External Affairs, updating your current address in your passport is necessary.

3. Do I have to carry my original documents when visiting the PSK for my interview?

Yes, it is mandatory to carry all original documents when visiting the Passport Seva Kendra for your passport interview.


Updating your passport with your current address is a crucial administrative task that ensures the accuracy and relevance of your identification documents. By following the outlined procedures and providing the requisite documents, you can smoothly navigate the process of changing your address on your passport in 2024.

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