Umrah and Vacation

Are you planning a trip to the Middle East to rejuvenate? Is it not possible to rejuvenate your body and purify your soul at the same time by making a pilgrimage to Mecca?

For every believer who seeks tranquility and peace at the end of each day, traveling to Saudi Arabia and performing Umrah would be a good idea. While Umrah is the minor Hajj, which is not mandatory to perform, it will accomplish the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW if you perform it at least once in your lifetime.

Islam permits the pilgrimage to be performed throughout the year, yet Zil-Hajj is the last month of the Islamic calendar and the last month Muslims can perform this blessed pilgrimage. Umrah is also of great importance, although it is a little less significant than Hajj. In addition to strengthening one’s faith, a trip to the holy shrine allows one to get closer to Allah (SWT).

When an individual performs Umrah with strong intentions, Allah (SWT) has promised to reward them and to keep them from poverty and misery. Umrah is the only vacation that can restore you to good health and high Imaan.

Consider these tips for a smooth and easy Umrah trip if you are planning to travel to Makkah this summer.

Planning an Umrah trip: Things to consider

  • Organizing your trip in advance is always a good idea

You need three to four weeks to perform Umrah if you are doing it individually or with family. Make arrangements at work if you are the breadwinner. Make sure you speak with your doctor about your physical fitness before making the journey.

Obtain as much information as possible from those who have already visited the pilgrimage site, as well as from books to get details of all the formalities and processes.

  • You should also collect details about the legal requirements.

As a part of the preparation, organizing the legal formalities seems tedious, but the earlier you begin, the better. Getting a Saudi visa is necessary for visiting Mecca. Make sure you know how long you need to prepare for a visa application and what documents you will require for that process.

Get all the documentation related to the residency and accommodation done before you go, including the passport with a validity of 6 months at least.

  • Buy and save the essentials before leaving.

Obviously, you need to be financially stable. A trip should be planned in advance and you should save money to purchase the necessities and prepare for the trip. You cannot get better guidance about what you will require throughout the journey other than someone who has already experienced it.

To ensure that your pious journey is hassle-free and seamless, make sure that you consult your priest and make a list of all the essentials you’ll need there.

There are a variety of travel agencies and services available that can lend a helping hand to those whose mere thought of going to Umrah brings a sense of discomfort and inconvenience. However, it is important to find someone who can assist you throughout your journey and offers the best deals.

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  • From takeoff to take off, make sure all your planning was correct

Last but not least, make sure you ask about the accommodation type you will receive. You can choose from various options based on the budget and resources you have. We offer tailor-made packages based on your needs and preferences, ranging from high-class accommodations to economical ones.

You should choose the accommodation that is within walking distance to the Holy Kaaba and Masjid-Al-Haram so that you will not be charged for long-distance travel or the inconvenience of walking long distances.

My Dream Umrah is the first online community where real travel agents from across the US assist individuals who want to perform a Holy pilgrimage, or Hajj or Umrah, by finding them the right package deals. We at MY DREAM UMRAH are here to help you plan hassle-free Umrah vacations.

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